Answer one or more of the following questions--but remember it is not an exam! Have fun!

"The following questions are part of what we are calling the Woodstock Generation Time Maps Project-
-Working in partnership with the website BabyBoomReview--we are assembling a tapestry of memories of our era"
(Please note : We will work with BabyBoom Review to publish the findings so only include your names if you want to and whether you decide to provide your name or not use the material supplied for commercial purposes--if you do provide a name and contact information you agree to give us the Creative Commons license that provides for :
Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc) This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don't have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

Please copy and paste these questions with your answers and email them to

Did you attend Woodstock? What do you remember about the concert?
Did you see the film of Woodstock--What stood out for you?
How important was the peace and love message of Woodstock on your life then
and today?
What other music festivals/ concerts did you attend ? Describe your memories
Which groups /artists records did you go out and buy during the 1960s?

How did you first discover your favorite groups/artists?

What was the first song you ever played over and over up turned up loud enough to disturb the neighbors?
Do you associate any particular songs with any experience or event in your life? If so, please describe the songs or a album.
Were any songs/ other artistic statements--particularly meaningful in terms of your attitude to the idea of peace? If so which ones were they? And why do you think they had the impact they did?

What books, novels, magazines, poems etc had the most impact on you?.

What was your most memorable film going experience during this period (Easy Rider, The Graduate, Carnal Knowledge, Other)

Please describe your first effort to become part of the counterculture. For example, was it (if you were male) growing your hair long? Wearing sandals? Wearing a different kind of T-Shirt. Or (if you were female) was it, for example, wearing your hair differently, different clothes, different makeup?

How did your parents react to the changes referred to in the previous question? Please describe any conflicts.

Can you recall when you first heard the term "flower power" or "flower child"? What kinds of memories do the phrases evoke?

Describe any recollections you have of the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy on 20th. January 1961 or of any events during his presidency .

Where were you when you heard about President Kennedy`s assassination on November 22nd, 1963? What did you remember feeling?

Lyndon B. Johnson (U.S. 36th President, often referred to as LBJ) leaves me with the following memory(s).

Nixon took over from LBJ in January 1969. Please describe your memories of the new US President.
Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations and protests were widespread in the 1960s. If you participated in any, please describe what happened and the reasons for your involvement. If you didn`t participate, why not?

The race riots of the 1960s spurred on the CivilRights movement. Did you participate or witness any of these riots, either firsthand or through the media? Please comment on your memories of these events?

There were a number of university and college sit-ins and protests during the 1960s. If you witnessed or participated in any of these, please describe what happened and the reasons for your involvement.

The National Organization of Women was founded in 1966. How aware were you of the Women`s movement during the sixties? Please describe any involvement you might have had?

Please describe your recollections of the Cuban Missile crisis, which ended on November 20th, 1962. How do those memories affect you now?

How did you respond to Martin Luther King`s `I Have a Dream` speech on August 28th 1963
The trial of the Chicago 8 began in September 1969. Please describe any recollections you have of the event
Were you involved in any "Marches on Washington DC"? What do you most recall concerning any of them?

When did you feel the sixties ended for you? Was there a particular event that led to that occurrence? Please describe.

Was there any particular event that occurred that made you feel that progress was being made against discrimination (racist/sexist behavior) etc. Describe the event and say why you felt progress was being made.
Describe your most memorable travel during this period when and where and what you learned during the journey.

Did you as a member of a minoritywoman, black, and Hispanic etc feel discriminated against during this period and what were some of the most memorable/hurtful events and how did those actions affect you?



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