Original Woodstock Museum
11th Annual FREE Film and Video Festival



Labor Day Weekend
September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2010
Woodstock Town Hall, 76 Tinker St., in Woodstock, NY

Early Entry fee until Apr. 15th, $10. feature,  $5. short  (up to 30 minutes)  
  ½ price entry until Apr. 16-June 30th, $30 feature, $12. short  
  Regular entry until July 1- Aug. 1, $60. feature, $24. short  
  Late Entry double until August 2-9, $120. feature, $48. short  
  Student Entry: Half price  

Completed features, documentaries, shorts and works in progress. All genres including animation and digital media; everything must be in English (subtitles okay). Format: DVD. Supporting materials could include: description of piece, autobiography, resume and artist’s statement.
$60 entry, $24 entry for shorts (up to 30 minutes) Fees cover public relations package including audience critiques for selected entries. SASE for return of entries.
Museum, P.O. Box 73, Woodstock, NY 12498.

www.WoodstockMuseum.org or email: hello@WoodstockMuseum.org

Woodstock Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational institution

or call 845 246-0600.


What? Woodstock Museum 11th Annual FREE Film &Video Festival

Where? Woodstock Town Hall, 76 Tinker St., in Woodstock, NY

When? Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd, opening ceremony 8PM
September 4-5, 2010, starts at 2PM

What’s the deal? You can attend FREE screenings & workshops.

What to expect: This year’s theme is “DEEP”. View and critique independent films. Meet the filmmakers.
Enjoy live music & dance performances.


8PM Betty McDonald tribute.

8:10 Spirit of the Trees: Circle of Life (Central U.S. tribes) Narrated by the late actor/musician Floyd Red Crow Westerman, this remarkable journey with Native People gives insight into the traditions of their spiritual practices, foods and medicines, art and music, shelter and land management.

8:40 The Devil An old peasant woman is at death’s door. Refusing to assist her, her son decides to put her in the care of Donna Cesira for a fixed payment. Donna Cesira believes she has struck a good deal, but the days pass and the old woman won’t die… Directed by Andrea Lodovichetti. (Italian w/subtitles.)

8:55 Woodstock Soap Opera: Family Values Highlights from hilarious works of the late Bettye Cheyne aka Dr. Ruthless. Features ”Beluschiesque” improvisations by artist Isaac Abrams. Q&A’s with actors.

10:10: Emergency Broadcast. We’ve all heard and seen when television interrupts a program to test an emergency broadcast signal. Filmmaker Jordan Sloane expands the possibilities.

10:20: Love is the Reason: Remarkable stories of extraordinary courage and grace told by people facing end of life struggles. Produced by Joy Hopkins-Hausman. Q&A’s w/filmmaker Tobe Carey.

11:00 Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)  A glimpse into life on the beach on an island 8 minutes from Mazatlan, Mexico. A travelogue for those who want  to live cheaply and healthy with an internet connection from mid-Nov. to mid-Apr. $400/month & weekly rates.  Filmmakers Shelli Lipton & Nathan Koenig.

11:10 Deep Water: Building the Catskill Water System The true story of the Ashokan Reservoir, the Schoharie Reservoir and the Ten Lost Towns.  By Tobe Carey, Robbie Dupree & Artie Traum.


2:00 Liminal Through the act of writing, a poet conjures the memory of a former lover. He experiences intense disorientation at the border of sleep and waking.  He cannot retain the image of her and finally loses her to forces beyond his control.  Peter Valente.

2:06 Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)  A glimpse into life on the beach on an island 8 minsutes from Mazatlan, Mexico. A travelogue for those who want  to live cheaply and healthy with an internet connection from mid-Nov. to mid-Apr. $400 per month & weekly rates.  Filmmakers Shelli Lipton & Nathan Koenig.

2:15 Lands of Our Ancestors Seneca Indians of the Iroquois Confederacy in upstate New York are uprooted and relocated to make way for progress, profoundly effecting the original inhabitants. Produced by the Seneca Nation of Indians.

3:00 Teen Awareness Alchohol Program Teens tend to learn from peers. These reenactments and real life situations can change or prevent alcohol abuse. Q&A’s with the teenage actors and survivors.

3:40 The Fantastical World of ScriptwritingA perceptive, engaging neon animation film on how to write a script. Workshop Sun. 2PM with Australian filmmaker Jack Feldstein. Back by popular demand!

4:15  Linux Workshop Live presentation with Sean Dague. Super-fast, intuitive, open source operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Free software.   

5:15 The Hemp Solution  explores the plant’s fascinating history, thousands of uses and the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition and its modern potential to solve major environmental problems. Conscious Light Productions. U.S.premiere. Q&A’s with the Australian  filmmaker Sol Ramana-Clarke. Music by Shanti.

7:05 Drumming Men A drum circle group forms and goes through its cycle of male bonding and community. Q&A’s with filmmaker & drummers.

8:05 Diamond Dance Company explores "uncharted waters" of music and dance with an eclectic palette that has something for everyone in its range of modern dance  explorations. Choreography by Linda Diamond. Music by Tom DeSisto and Bar Scott.

8:50 In the Name of Democracy: America’s Conscience, a Soldier’s Sacrifice  After studying the dysfunctional issues of the Iraq war, Lt. Ehren Watada choses dessent, honor and patriotism. Eli Wallach narrates. Award-winning filmmaker Nina Rosenblum.

10:00 We Love You  Journey to the Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming, a mystical city of peace and love tempered with federal harrassment co-created once a year. Q&A’s with filmmaker Jonathan Kalafer.

11:00 The Psychedelic Kids or the Adventures of Joe and Charlie, (44 min)  a true story about marijuana dealing as told by Joe Barton. (Q&As with Joe?)

12AM Burning in the Sun 26-year-old charmer Daniel Dembele, looking to make his mark on the world, is equal parts West African and European. He starts a local business in Mali, Africa building and selling solar panels to rural customers, 99% of whom live without power.


2pm Iroquois Story telling for the all ages with very special guest, Mohawk elder Katherine Olan Ionataiewas.

2:40 Walking the Same Land A group of young, Australian aborigines visit a traditional Mohawk Community. Walking a more traditional path helps them survive the modern world.  Q&As w/ Mohawk elder Katherine Olan Ionataiewas.

3:40 Scriptwriting Workshop with Jack Feldstein  Back by popular demand, Jack is a master at stimulating creative ideas and overcoming writers block.

4:40 Indian Point - Nowhere to Run   A provocative film outlining the compelling reasons to shut down and decommision the Indian Point Nuclear power plants which operate within 35 miles of New York City. A film by Tobe Carey.

5:05 For the Next 7 Generations documents the journey of 13 indigenous Grandmothers who form an alliance at  the Menla Center near Woodstock and then travel around the world to promote peace and share their indigenous ways of healing.  Q&A’s with filmmaker Carole Hart.

6:45 Meeskeit  is Yiddish for “beyond ugly”. This is a story of 2 meeskeit’s and the beautiful relationship they never had. Q&As with filmmaker Ira Needleman.

7:10 Fragile  Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them…rarely, if ever, do they forgive them…” -Oscar Wilde.  A film by Andrea Lodovichetti (Italian w/subtitles)

7:20 Under My Garden Marco, a 10-year old boy with a passion for insects is convinced that his neighbor has killed his wife and has buried her under his garden. He investigates and confides in his little friend Sara. (Italian w/subtitles) Q&As with director Andrea Lodovichetti.

8:00 Teo’s Journey  A Mexican boy and his estranged father, recently released from jail and reunited with his son, attempt to cross the U.S. border. When banditos attack, they become separated and the young child journeys on.  (Spanish with English subtitles.)

9:40 Woman’s Prison After a young girl’s dad kills her mom and her evangelist uncle commits pedaphelia, she takes revenge and lands in jail where she finds community but not without a price. .  Q&As w/Katie Madonna?

11:40 Milestone When a woman is gifted a male prostitute her inner self is released. A short comedy with a big bang. (Q&As??)

11:15 True Light Beaver Film: After the Revolution Woodstock Hippie trips with cameos by Abbie and Anita Hoffman, Paul Krassner. Contains nudity. Tobe Carey.

11:35 Stanley’s House  (50 min) Pulitzer Prize winning poet and U.S. Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz, his boyhood home and also filmmaker Tobe Carey’s boyhood  home. Readings by Kunitz 3 days before he died at age 100.

IEntries and spectators come from all over the world. After all,
"Woodstock is the most famous town in the world."
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