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8th Annual 2007

Annual Woodstock Museum Film/Video Festival

Aug. 31, Sept. 1 - 2, 2007, Labor Day Weekend
Woodstock Town Hall


Theme: “Inspiration”


8PM Opening Ceremony with Rainbow Weaver, Mohawk Turtle Clan
Using Iroquois protocol, the festival opens with a traditional Iroquois Thanksgiving Ceremony. Everyone's in the circle. No one is left out.

8:20 Mighty Xee & Friends Catskill Mountain Global Warming Musicians Collective performs original & familiar tunes of inspiration during dark times when human greed threatens life. Mighty Xee on keyboards, harmony by Davida & Tommy Hollister.

9PM XV:12 This documentary follows a Brazilian prostitute, parent and friend opening her heart to all contacts as she follows Verse15:12 , "This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I did love you." Fernando Pinheiro, filmmaker.

SUMMER OF LOVE Shelli Lipton & Nathan Koenig filmed the Monterey Pop Festival 40thAnniversary last month, also celebrating the 1967 Summer
of Love, which spread nationwide. Film rushes of the journey will be screened throughout this year's festival.

9:20 SUMMER OF LOVE: Janis Joplin While we can't bring her back, this talented singer looks & sings the part. She gets the crowd mojo workin'. It's a flashback!

9:30 Gobi Women's Song immerses the viewer in the ancient world of Shamanic women leading a nomadic life in Mongolia for 3000 years. It captures the transition to a 21st Century lifestyle. Q & A's with filmmaker Sas Carey.

11 PM SUMMER OF LOVE: Peace Stage Hosted by hippie icons "Diamond Dave"Whitaker, poet & activist of the Beat Generation, SF Oracle original Daniel Eggink, Woodstock's Hemp Empress and other grass roots music and poetry. Q & A's.

11:30 Dalai Lama In Woodstock As far as the eye could see, Andy Lee Field was filled with enthusiastic listeners witnessing the Dalai delivering spiritual advice for people of all faiths. Filmed by Nathan Koenig with a little help from his friends. Q&A's.


2PM Flash Animation Workshop 3-hour, interactive workshop with large screen projection. Learn different animation, techniques scanning original art, computer editing, scripting and music scoring. Filming one frame at a time as in Claymation will be discussed. Mick Cusimano is an award winning filmmaker, cartoonist and columnist for Boston film magazine, "Imagine." He's known worldwide for his "Rooster Tales.

5PM SUMMER OF LOVE: Jefferson Starship Okay! So there's a new
Grace Slick. And she's slicker and slinkier than slick. If you missed this group live in
town recently or want to relive some highlights, catch this rush.

5:15 Escape Velocity explores the connection between A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and creativity. Experimental filmmaker Scott Lignon uses hilarious, self-depreciating examples. Best Animation in Int'l Disability Festival 2007, Canada.

5:45 Faces of Change Activists are given cameras & training to document racism
so individuals and governments must take notice. Filmed in Bulgaria, India, South Africa, Brazil and the U.S. Q & A's w/filmmaker Michele Stephenson.

7:25 Your Destiny Filmmaker Jieun Kwon creates digital interactive tarot readings with video feedback, a new divining technique for accessing the unconscious, inspired by "The Castle of Crossed Destinies" by Italo Calvino.

7:35 SUMMER OF LOVE: Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot sing famous hits including "Eve of Destruction". Other clips include Groovy Judy, a feminine Jimi Hendrix persona. David La Flamme sings "White Bird."

7:50 Kujira A young Oriental girl has trouble leaving home and growing up. Reiko Murakami's unique animation illustrates her personal story of a traditional mother/daughter attachment and how she achieves freedom.

8PM Diamond Dance Company Live dance performance with multimedia
effects. Salidas y Entradas, Cuban folklore music & dance, Las Escondidas (Spanish Inquisition "hidden ones"), Music of the Spheres: Origins of the Universe, Levitations: freedom of the human spirit.

8:55 In here, out there NASA released images of humans in outer space for alien observation. Animator/filmmaker Edward Morin focuses on what extraterrestrials might imagine us to be like from these depictions.

9PM Fragged Premiere. A Vietnam era soldier is released from a psychiatric unit, has flashbacks, meets a pretty actress, some hippies & a guru who confront his inner turmoil. Stars Dean Stockwell. Written & directed by Michael Elsey, who lived in Woodstock.

10:30 High Times TV Reality TV as seen from a High Times Magazine point of view. Marijuana is shown positively. Herb cult is worldwide. First time screening with an audience. Q&A's with filmmaker Steve Hager.

11:35 To Die Is to Live Armenian filmmaker David Sarkissian sent this award winning film about Peace & Love with Rock music heroes as symbols of youth revolution, and a passion to live every moment as if it were the last.

11:45 SUMMER OF LOVE: The Doors Who says the Doors can't survive without Jim Morrison? Midnight Special to San Franciso's City Lights Books, Vesuvios Café, Jack Kerouac Alley & Haight-Ashbury. Q & A's w/filmmakers Eggink, Lipton & Koenig.


2PM Film Scoring Workshop 3 hours learning film scoring & comparing good and poor film clips. A "spotting session" invites audience participation. The music is removed, reworked and replaced. Mohican composer, Brent Michael Davids' career spans 30 years, including awards from ASCAP, NEA, Rockefeller Foundation, In-Vision, & Joffrey Ballet. Works includes Last of the Mohicans, Dreamkeeper and Shakespeare Warbeck. Trained at Redford's Sundance Institute. Resides in Minn, MN.

5PM Hopis In The Bob Marley Museum Hopi leaders were special guests at Jamaica's Wellfest. At the Bob Marley Museum, we are told how Reggae music helped young tribe members reconnect with traditional elders, identify oppression and other obstacles to freedom. Q & A's with Paparazzi Nathan Koenig & Shelli Lipton.

6PM Ancient Prophecies, Future Visions The cultural prophecies of the Hopi, Maya, Hindu, Tibetan and Iroquois peoples. It's informative, transformative and hopefully enlightening. Q & A's with multimedia artist "White Buffalo.

7:05 Papalotzin Filmmaker and pilot, in an ultra light glider painted like a monarch butterfly, follow the migration of monarchs on the 2,500 mile journey from Canada to Mexico. The film is a poetic, environmental metaphor affecting three nations and all living beings.

8:30 Human Park Filmmaker Mick Cusimano animates dinosaurs and more familiar animals from our kingdom from a reverse viewpoint. The human species becomes zoo exhibits. Q & A's.

8:50 SUMMER OF LOVE: Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Rolling Stones & other
tribute bands & originals celebrated the 40thAnniversary of Monterey Pop just a few
weeks ago. Great flashbacks & rushes in a multigenerational jam.

9:15 Nearly Normal Nimbin This 3-hour documentary examines Woodstock's official sister city down under, a "counter-culture," one-street town. Q & A's w/ Benny Zable performance artist featured in the film. . (5 min. intermission each hr.)


The Woodstock Museum three-day film festival, August 31-September 2, 2007, Labor Day Weekend at Woodstock Town Hall, Woodstock, NY will include three days of contemplative film screenings beginning at 8PM and culminating Sunday evening at 11PM. The 2007 theme "Inspiration" includes two half-day interactive film/video workshops, Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 5PM (films begin at 5PM).

Saturday afternoon will feature the work of noted experimental Flash animator and cartoonist Mick Cusimano, who illustrates political satire through animation of a favorite rooster. Mick will use a laptop computer with Flash software and a projector.
He will demonstrate how to animate original art using various scanning techniques that make the art computer friendly for editing. Cusimano will teach basic techniques of Flash animation with large screen projection for audience viewing and feedback. Mick will discuss how he scripts his work. Mick will teach us about voice-overs and how the addition of music enhances the film. Audience participation is expected. Other styles of animation, such as Claymation and time-lapse will be briefly discussed so filmmakers learn about the options of animating films besides using the Flash program. http://mcusiman.tripod.com/


Mick Cusimano was born in Buffalo, NY. He was drawing cartoons and shoveling snow at an early age. His cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines in the U.S.A., France, England, Germany and Russia. One of his cartoons was found on a university bulletin board in Slovenia. His monthly cartoon in "Imagine Magazine" comments on Boston's filmmaking community. Mick's animated series, "Rooster Tails," has appeared on Cambridge Cable TV. Several of his movies were screened at the Giggleshorts Comedy Film Festival in Toronto, Cookieshorts Film Festival in Portland, ME, Tufts University Television, Coolidge Corner Theater, Woodstock Museum Film Festival and the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. The movie Billy Barnum was chosen for the Philippines International Film Festival. www.bitscren.com
reviews some of the movies.


Sunday afternoon will feature a composing workshop by Brent Michael Davids, covering the four basic types of film scoring by screening both good and poor examples of film clips for a compare and contrast type of examination. The four basic scoring types:
A) Scoring the action: composing music that reflects the on-screen action.
B) Scoring the cuts: composing music that shifts with the film's edits.
C) Underscoring the mood: composing the emotional subtext of a scene.
D) Underscoring against the action: composing contrary to the film action.
This method provides a comprehensive overview that producers, directors and editors can truly benefit from by seeing actual music scoring examples, back-to-back with commentary provided for each. Near the end of the workshop, a "spotting session" is conducted with participants by screening a film clip with the music removed; then together, the participants take a detailed look at the clip for scoring purposes. www.Filmcomposer.us/filmscoring.html Mohican composer, Brent Michael Davids' career spans 30 years, including awards from ASCAP, NEA, Rockefeller Foundation, In-Vision, Joffrey Ballet, Chanticleer, Kronos Quartet, Meet-The-Composer, Miro Quartet, National Symphony Orchestra, Bush Foundation, McKnight Foundation, and Jerome Foundation, among others. In 2006, Davids was listed as one of the preeminent choral composers by the NEA American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Composition from Northern Illinois University and Arizona University respectively. He was trained at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute and apprenticed with film composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love) and on the TV-Miniseries Dreamkeeper (Hallmark and ABC).
Davids has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS and NAPT. Davis film scores include:
The 1920 Classic Myth: Last of the Mohicans, The World of American Indian Dance,
The Business of Fancy Dancing, The Silent Enemy and Bright Circle.

The centerpiece of this film festival will be the interactive, intergeneration film/video workshops that require no previous film or video experience. We especially encourage the teens and elderly. Our location at Woodstock Town Hall on Tinker Street makes it very accessible to all parties. It is a warm environment and for your refreshment we serve homemade sandwiches, desserts, drinks; for vegetarians and omnivores.

The Dutchess County Arts Council and The New York State Council of the Arts help make these workshops possible. Says, Shelli Lipton, Woodstock Museum Dir., "like all art, film and video have the potential to create in the viewer an opening or invitation to a deeper understanding of the world. Yet, in a culture awash with visual stimuli, we often lose sight of this. Adding two interactive workshops requiring no previous film or video experience will open our eyes and ears to a more direct perception of viewing and making film and video art. It is a chance to further our outreach program and not only show films but also teach filmmaking techniques."

Completed features, documentaries, and shorts and works in progress. All genres including animation and digital media; everything must be in English (subtitles okay). Submission format: DVD (NTSC and PAL), DV, DVCAM,VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, and BETA SP. Supporting materials could include: description of piece, autobiography, resume and artist statement. $60 entry, $24 entry for shorts (up to 30 minutes) Fees cover public relations package including audience critiques for selected entries. SASE to return entries.
Woodstock Museum, P.O. Box 73, Woodstock, NY 12498, 845-246-0600. www.WoodstockMuseum.org or email: hello@WoodstockMuseum.com

Event Description: In soliciting clips to showcase, Woodstock Museum looks way beyond Hollywood to solicit works from independents and students. Announced by film & video publications such as “Videographer”, “Film Imaging”, “Digital Producer”, “Animation Artist” and “Creative Mac”, news of the festival reaches millions of readers, making Woodstock Museum film festival the hottest website and a sure bet for tourism.


IEntries and spectators come from all over the world. After all,
"Woodstock is the most famous town in the world."
This website also provides direct links for tourists needing overnight accommodations.

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