Woodstock Museum 14th Annual Film Festival 2013
Labor Day Weekend: August 30 - September 2





Woodstock Museum’s 14th Annual FREE Film Festival takes place Labor Day weekend. Fri., Aug. 30 to Mon., Sept. 2 at Woodstock Museum, 13 Charles Bach Rd., West Saugerties, NY. This year’s theme is “Life”.


The festival begins with highlights from the past month’s historic journey down the Hudson River to the UN, led by the Iroquois Confederacy of Six Nations and joined along the way on horseback by the Dakota Sioux Unity Riders from Manitoba, Canada. The festival will also feature highlights from museum founders Shelli Lipton and Nathan Koenig’s recent trip to China, Vietnam and Nimbin, Australia, Woodstock’s sister city where the 40th anniversary of their Aquarius Festival took place in May.

For more information: Call (845) 246-0600 or visit www.WoodstockMuseum.org



8PM  “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign (1613-2013)” features short clips with Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons and folk singer Pete Seeger, the Dakota Unity Riders, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in Woodstock and our native friends being welcomed by the U.N. Secretary General at the end of their arduous journey down the Hudson River.

9PM  “Not Quite Square: owner built houses in Northern Rivers”  showcases homes built to reflect alternative lifestyles of the back to the land movement after Nimbin Australia’s 1973 Aquarius Festival. Sharon Shostak.

10PM  “Nimbin, AU. 2013 Highlights.” From next generation Permaculture to the Aquarius Masquerade Ball and Mardi Grass Festival, this hippie culture doesn’t wallow in the sixties; it grows. Q&A with Nathan Koenig



8PM “Iroquois Power for the 21st Century” introduces the Haudenasaunee Great Law of Peace with Oren Lyons and other wise, native elders from the Six Nation’s Confederacy. Q&A with filmmaker Nathan Koenig

8:45  “Halloween is for the Birds”,Clowns on the Left” and “Human Zoo”, Animated films by Mick Cusimano. Q&A

9:30  “Racing Daylight” Critically acclaimed re-incarnation ghost story, murder mystery and supernatural love story transcending time. Q&A with producer Nicole Quinn


8PM  “The Art of Being” A family's spiritual journey in search of the teachings of Indigenous peoples and spiritual masters of the world, revealing answers to the universal questions of life.

8:05  “Bodhi’s Life” A eight year old boy living in the Australian Rainforest near the town of Nimbin, Australia won Nimbin Youth film festival Best Documentary 2013 by Bodhi Dharma.

8:15  “Happy Dance” focuses on the filmmaker’s 9 year old autistic son, immersed in a world of fantasy fascinations, possibly hyper-awareness. Q&A with filmmaker Crisanta de Guzman

8:45  “The Mirror” A woman finds a magic mirror containing famous women facing identity and immortality from Emily Dickinson to Marilyn Monroe. Q&A with filmmaker Crisanta de Guzman 

9PM  “The David Laflamme Story: Outside the Golden Cage” the life and times of legendary composer/violinist, leader of the iconic 60's San Francisco rock band IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY.


2PM  “Conversation with producers Dennis Watlington & Nina Rosenblum”.  Author, actor, television and film producer/writer Dennis Watlington moved through poverty, addiction and racial barriers onward to the highest achievements in media including an Emmy Award. He is joined by Academy Award nominated producer/director Nina Rosenblum They will speak about their work together on THE UNTOLD WEST: THE BLACK  WEST, TBS, and on many other films that they made together during their twenty year collaboration.

3:15  “The Black West” A history of African-Americans who participated in the development of the Western frontier in the United States in such categories as the explorers, fur traders, early settlers, slaves, cowboys and soldiers. Q&As with Dennis Watlington & Caroline Phipps.

4:30 Snacks, food at Woodstock Museum Café.

5:25  “Manahatta”, the Indian name for the isle of Manhattan, land of many hills. Animation by Jack Feldstein.

5: 30  “Hanoi Hilton” propaganda film shown at the notorious Hanoi prison and caught on a pocket camera by Nathan Koenig.

6:15 “Kumbha Mela” captures many amazing aspects of the great pilgrimage in India that attracts many gurus, yogis and followers every 12 years. Australian filmmaker Geoffrey Cantor.

7:15  “Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Lightshow on the Li River”.  This famous staged-show on water has 600 performers on the largest natural stage in the world. The Liu Sanjie (The Three Liu Sisters) was created and choreographed by legendary Chinese director, Zhang Yimou, who also created and directed the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.


Contact: Shelli Lipton at 845 246-0600  or hello@WoodstockMuseum.org



What? Woodstock Museum 14th Annual FREE Film &Video Festival
Where? Woodstock Museum, 13 Charles Bach Road, Saugerties, NY 12477
When? Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 30th, opening ceremony 8PM
What’s the deal? You can attend FREE screenings & workshops.
What to expect: This year’s theme is “LIFE”.
View and critique independent films. Meet the filmmakers.
Enjoy live music. Entries and spectators come from all over the world.

"Woodstock is the most famous small town in the world."

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CONTACT: Shelli Lipton, Director
Nathan Koenig, President

845 246-9995


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